Hits-of-Code Badges

This API offers badges for the Hits-of-Code metric for your repositories. This metric was proposed by Yegor Bugayenko as an alternative to Lines-of-Code.

Instead of counting the number of existing lines in a codebase, the number of modified lines is counted. That way, the metric can only grow and never shrink. While this metric still cannot give any information about the code quality, it gives an overview about the amount of work put into a codebase.

There is a command-line tool to calculate the HoC of a repository, but some people might want a nice badge to put in their README, that's why I implemented this API. Currently the API can be used for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Sourcehut repositories. Just put the following code in your README:


where <service> is one of github, gitlab, bitbucket or sourcehut. So the following Markdown


would render this badge:

example badge

By default, this service assumes the existence of a branch named master. If no branch with that name exists in your repository or you want a badge for another branch of your repository, just append ?branch=<branch-name> to the URL.

The badge label can be customized using the label=<some-label> query parameter. It defaults to Hits-of-Code.

You can also request the HoC as JSON by appending /json to the request path. This will return a JSON object with three fields: count (the HoC value), commits (the number of commits) and head (the commit ref of HEAD). Requesting https://hitsofcode.com/github/vbrandl/hoc/json might return something along the lines of

    "head": "1f01c3b964b018fb0c0c2c5b572bf4ace2968546",
    "count": 8324,
    "commits": 223

Badge Generator

Source Code

The whole service is licensed under the MIT license and the source code can be found on GitHub. Feature proposals or pull requests are welcome.


You can reach me via mail: mail+hoc@vbrandl.net preferably using my GPG key (from a keyserver), or by using any other UID from my key.